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Ultrasound Technician

Company: Argent Technologies, LLC
Location: North Las Vegas
Posted on: September 21, 2022

Job Description:

The Diagnostic Ultrasound Technician will provide services on an as needed basis at the Southern Nevada VA Healthcare System, located at 6900 North Pecos Road, Las Vegas, NV 89086 in the radiology department. Scheduling: Scheduling will be done by the VA and will be done with 24 hour notice. Actual workdays will be scheduled according to staffing needs and are subject to change at short notice, but advance notice will be given when possible. On-Call: All on-call is scheduled by management. All contracted staff are entitled to overtime but it must be pre-approved by the department manager and by Argent Technologies, LLC. Assigned Shifts: Shifts may consist of 4, 10 or 12 hours- not to exceed 40 hours per week. Shifts include weekends weekdays, swings and graveyard shifts. Qualifications: Possess and evidence of ARRT registration or be ARRT registered Speak, read and write English fluently Ability to complete all required paperwork and provide copies when requested Ability to complete VA orientation Ability to complete favorable Background and Drug Screening Ability to adhere to VA healthcare systems policies and procedures Ability to work as scheduled by supervisor Specific Tasks: The services to be provided to the Radiology Service are to include intermittent staffing support for CT, MRI, US, and Administrative MSA. Each modality listed have differing requirements and may need to be filled on an immediate basis. The contractor shall provide services for. --- Balances the needs of the patients and staff while still performing complex scans and procedures. --- Demonstrates appropriate techniques to gather relevant information from the medical record, significant others, and health care providers. --- Access factors that may contraindicate the procedure. --- Maintains knowledge of physical assessment, aseptic techniques, intravenous skills, and universal precautions. --- Knowledgeable in pre-procedural, procedural, and post-procedural care of patients. --- Knowledge of Joint Commission and other regulatory requirements. --- Ability to communicate effectively and professionally with employees at varying grade levels. --- Ability to provide, or provide for, staff development and training. --- Ability to manage and supervise employees if required. --- Provide the overall knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct diagnostic ultrasound examinations in complex and unusual cases. --- Ability to perform diagnostic ultrasound examination on multiple areas of the body, including, but not limited to, the abdomen, pelvis, transvaginal, chest, small parts, thyroid, breast, and scrotum. --- Ability to perform vascular studies such as vertebral, renal artery, aortic aneurysm, portal- systemic shunts, etc. --- Ability to assist radiologists with biopsy procedures determining the location, depth, and required needle angle for the lesion to be sampled. --- Ability to assist in surgical procedures and fluid aspirations. --- Performs ultrasound examinations of the abdomen, neck, chest and extremities, retroperitoneal space for the purpose of acquiring high-quality examinations that assist in the diagnosis and treatment of patient medical disorders. --- Advises radiologists of significant abnormalities that would require their immediate attention and visualization while the patient is undergoing examination. --- Participates in the training of physicians, students, and radiology technicians so that these individuals may acquire an understanding of the principles of ultrasound and how it relates to other diagnostic exams. --- Makes multiple simultaneous settings and adjustments in operation of equipment to insure accurate results. On the basis of Radiologic findings, determines necessary ultrasonic procedures to yield definitive diagnostic findings. --- Reviews new developments in the field and recommends to supervisor those that would improve the operation of the section. --- Responsible to the radiologists and supervisor for the quality and quantity of sonographic exams performed in order to assure a high level of acceptability of images while minimizing the need for repeats or recalls. --- Keeps abreast of technological advances in the fields of Radiology and incorporates these advances and incorporates these advances into in-service educational programs for the nursing and physician staff. --- Responsible for explaining exams to competent patients in terms the patient will comprehend as well as understanding potential hazards that may occur as a result of the exam. May be required by procedure or patient's condition to monitor vital signs, recognize allergic reactions and initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation. --- Receives and interprets radiology requests. Inputs pertinent radiology information into computer. A register, requests, cancels and edits exams via the computer radiology information system (RIS). --- Properly identifies the patient and the images. This is essential so that mistaken identity of images to patients does not occur. The sonographer must be certain that patient identification and the requests are identical. --- Assists radiologists in the performance of exams utilizing surgical sterile techniques, such as needle biopsies/aspiration under ultrasound guidance. This requires "scrub-in technique," preparation of sterile trays, preparation of contrast, supplying of catheters and needles, sterile assurance of the patient and equipment that may come in contact with the sterile field with the purpose of assuring that all preventive measures have been taken to prevent contamination of the patient. This is done to minimize hazards associated with invasive procedures and involves the use of sterile packs, gloves, syringes, needles, catheters, cleanup trays, etc., after exam is completed. Adheres to hospital infection control and safety policies/techniques with emphasis on sterile technique; the storage of sterile supplies; the disposal of body fluids and 'sharps'; proper attire; hand washing practices; and continuing education. --- Ability to vary tests or treatment procedures as needed to compensate for patient's individual medical conditions and body habitus. --- Interviews patient obtaining pertinent medical history and precise medication usage as it pertains to the ordered procedure. Explains to competent patients the rationale of procedures and instructions on how to complete the procedure. --- Performs sonographic exams at the bedside and in the operating rooms providing diagnostic images to the surgeons and professional staff on patients that are unable to be brought to the Imaging Section due to incapacity or surgical procedures. --- Responsible for cleanliness (to assure that the ultrasound equipment is clean and sanitary) and --- Must report equipment malfunction in a timely manner to the supervisor. --- Incumbent must be professional, cooperative, and be able to work with other employees. --- Maintains records and files of exams performed on patients. This includes the maintenance of patient logbooks registration and editing of patient exams in the computerized information system and completion radiology notes in the CPRS package. --- Ensures that images are successfully transmitted to PACS and are available for Radiologic interpretation (this should be accomplished as soon as the study is completed). --- Supports radiologist or other medical officers to produce studies used to diagnose medical conditions. --- Employee understands and carries out the requests made by physicians or seeks assistance of the supervisor or a higher graded technologist when an uncommon, unique or new procedure is required. --- Independently interprets and carries out the requests made by physicians. Confers with radiologist to establish requirements of non-standard examinations. --- Employee understands, carries out, or oversees the work of lower-grade technicians/technologists to accommodate requests. --- Secures the confidence and cooperation of patients during procedures. Explains procedures, positions patients for desired results, and cushions and shields patients as appropriate. Varies procedures or positions to adjust for patients' medical conditions. --- Reviews radiology requests for technical soundness, accuracy, and conformity to policy and established requirements. Properly identifies patient and images upon completion of procedure. --- Selects and sets technical factors for very difficult radiographic examinations. Sets up the procedure room. Assures that contrast materials, or other required equipment and supplies are present and labeled appropriately. Sets up and adjusts accessory equipment required and produce images necessary for requested procedures. As required by procedure or patient's condition, monitors vital signs and notifies radiologist of significant changes. Administers first aid and basic life support (BLS) commensurate with skill level and/or training. --- Independently performs general and specialized sonographic procedures in advanced levels of complex treatment situations. --- Sets up the procedure room and prepares contrast materials under the direction of the radiologist for the purpose of performing exams requiring injectable contrast. In the case of injected media, a patient consent form must be obtained.stocking adequate levels of supplies in assigned areas. --- Performs qualified sonographic exams at the bedside and in the operating rooms providing diagnostic exams to the surgeons and professional staff on patients that are unable to be scanned in Radiology Service. --- Works independently, operating all qualified Radiography Computerized Systems and equipment assigned. Computed and/or Digital and/or direct Radiography and all computerized/digital equipment that feeds the Imaging Network Structure (PACS, i.e. Picture Archiving Computerized System), to perform all routine and complex x-ray examinations. --- Incumbent is responsible for application of proper patient identification and examination demographics through the VISTA, CPRS, and modality computerized station. --- Practices radiation safety in order to reduce exposure to patient, staff and self. This is achieved using lead aprons, lead gloves, lead shields, lead-lined walls, and collimation. The technologists to assure compliance to radiation regulations wear film badges. The incumbent must also be aware of and practice the safety policies/procedures of the medical center and participate in quality assurance activities as directed. Ensures ALARA principle is applied (as low as reasonably achievable). Participates in yearly visual and fluoroscopic inspections of Lead Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the entire VA Medical Center, VA Clinics, and VA Dental Services. --- Utilizing the PCR Reader (computerized image reader) enters procedure images into the Imaging Network (PACS) and validates its accuracy. Through the Easy Vision workstation (a computerized post-processing terminal), manipulates images/processes raw data to finely- tune quality. Upon completion of post-processing and quality control process, transmits completed studies to archive via the imaging network (PACS) for subsequent interpretation by the radiologist(s). --- Incumbent will rotate to facility within VASNHS and/or work area assigned department managers. --- Incumbent will work overtime, and on-call as assigned by the supervisor to cover day shift, swing shift, night shift, weekends, and holidays. --- Performs cleaning and documentation of appropriate equipment and patient care areas and orders necessary supplies to maintain necessary stock levels. --- Performs routine checks and recognizes and reports malfunctioning equipment to ensure repair. --- Performs administrative duties in order to accomplish the mission to include, but not limited to, scheduling, patient check-in/out, file room duties including mailing, printing film, and burning CD's. --- The incumbent must read and respond to all e-mail in a timely manner. --- Incumbent must perform all duties necessary to comply with regulatory agencies to include, but not limited to, ACR, FDA MQSA, SOARS, NHPP, NRC, SNM. --- Practices radiation and MRI safety in order to reduce exposure and ensure safety to patient, staff and self. This is achieved using lead aprons, lead gloves, lead shields, lead-lined walls, collimation and following radiation and MRI safety standards. --- Participates in safety programs such as dosimetry as well as radiation and MRI safety training. The incumbent must also be aware of and practice the safety policies/procedures/memorandum of the medical center and participate in quality assurance activities, performance improvement projects, and drills as directed to ensure patient and employee safety. --- Must participate in assigned departmental committees and code teams as determined by the Chief of Radiology or designee. --- Set up or reprocess Reusable Medical Equipment (RME) as applicable and be certified annually on the specific equipment for which they are responsible. --- Adheres to departmental leave and dress policy. --- Performs other related duties as assigned within scope. Employment Type: Full Time Years Experience: 1 - 3 years Bonus/Commission: No

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